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Minas Tênis Clube (swimming)

Minas Tênis Club is the professional swimming team from the multisports club with the same name, from Belo Horizonte. It is one of the most successful in Brazil, and is the current runners-up and champion of the two most prestigious national competitions: the Maria Lenk and José Finkel trophies, respectively. Currently the swimming team competes with the name Fiat/Minas best bottle for water, repeating the same name and sponsorship as of the club’s men volleyball team in the late 80’s.

Among the prominent swimmers that have competed for the team, there are Kaio Márcio de Almeida, Thiago Pereira, César Cielo, Joanna Maranhão, Marcus Mattioli, and Rogério Romero.

Swimming is practiced in Minas since its inception.

At the Maria Lenk Trophy, the club finished in second place, with 1990.5 points. The team highlights were the victory of César Cielo in the 100-metre freestyle, with 48.13. Nicolas Oliveira was 4th (49.12) and Marco Antonio Macedo was the eighth (50:25).

At the José Finkel Trophy, the team finished 1st, with 2945 points and 19 golds, 13 silver and 11 bronzes (total: 44). It was the fourth victory of Minas in a row. The highlight was the victory of Miguel Valente in 800-metre freestyle bpa free water bottles, with 7’44.84, being the best time of the world in 2014 until then.

Minas started the Maria Lenk trophy as the team to be beaten, given its renowned swimmers. The club lead the competition until the last day, when it was surpassed by Pinheiros with the tight different of 5 points. Minas finished the competition in second place, with 2,133. One of the highlights was the gold of Thiago Pereira at the 400-metre medley, with 4’13.94. The result qualified him for the FINA World Championship, in Kazan.

In August Minas won the José Finkel Trophy water bottles cheap, in a close dispute with the host team Pinheiros. It was the club’s fifth victory in a row what tenderizes steak, in a total of 11 championships.

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V8 (движок JavaScript)

Движок JavaScript

Google Inc.

C++, JavaScript

Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP webOS и Linux

x86, ARM, MIPS

6.0 (9 июня 2017)

Активная разработка


V8 — движок JavaScript с открытым программным кодом, распространяемый по лицензии BSD. Разработан датским отделением компании Google.

Разработка JavaScript-движка V8 началась в датском отделении Google в городе Орхус. Ведущим разработчиком стал Ларс Бак (Lars Bak). Основными проблемами, которые пришлось решать разработчикам в движке, стали производительность и масштабируемость. Первая лабораторная версия движка появилась 3 июля 2008 года, а уже 2 сентября была официально представлена версия 0.2.5 water bottles cheap, вошедшая в первый публичный релиз Chromium.

Ларс Бак считал, что краеугольными камнями V8 являются:

V8 исполняет JavaScript-сценарии в особых «контекстах», которые по сути являются отдельными виртуальными машинами. Правда в одном процессе может работать только одна виртуальная машина, несмотря на возможность использования нескольких потоков. В Chromium это обходится мультипроцессовой архитектурой, повышающей также стабильность и безопасность, реализуя таким образом механизм «песочницы». Таким образом, несмотря на динамическую природу JavaScript, разработчикам удалось применить методы, характерные для реализации классических объектно-ориентированных языков cheap baseball uniforms, такие как компиляция кода «на лету», внутреннее кэширование, точный процесс сборки мусора, снэпшоттинг при создании контекстов.

Движок V8 отличается от других движков (JScript, SpiderMonkey, JavaScriptCore, Nitro) высокой производительностью reusable metal water bottle.

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Slowhand is a 1977 album by Eric Clapton. Released on 25 November by RSO Records, and titled after Clapton’s nickname, it is one of his commercially and critically most successful studio albums. Slowhand produced the two hit singles “Lay Down Sally” and “Wonderful Tonight”, reached various international music charts and was honored with numerous awards and recording certifications. In 2012, a deluxe edition was released to celebrate the album’s 35th anniversary.

Clapton wanted to work with record producer Glyn Johns, because he thought Johns produced great work with famous groups like The Rolling Stones and The Eagles and understood how to work with both British and American musicians. While in the studio with Johns, Clapton notes that the A-list producer was very disciplined and disliked jamming, because it would kill important recording time. Although Clapton and his band were either drunk or stoned nearly all the time when recording, Johns liked Clapton’s work and brought out the best in every musician, according to Clapton.

The album was titled after Clapton’s nickname, which was given to him by Giorgio Gomelsky. In his 2007 autobiography, Clapton recalled that the name “Slowhand” seemed to be hanging on to his real name, because it seemed to be well received by both his American friends and fans who think of the wild west when hearing the nickname. The album’s artwork was done by Clapton himself with the help of Pattie Boyd and Dave Stewart, credited as “El & Nell Ink”. Besides choosing various photos for the inner side of the gramophone record packaging are two pictures, Clapton notes, which have deeper importance to him: one picture, in which he kisses Boyd and another photograph showing a demolished Ferrari 365 GT4 BB wholesale crew socks, which Clapton bought after seeing George Harrison turning up with the same model at his Hurtwood Edge Estate. The car, which had been involved with Clapton in a car accident after the British recording artist finished touring in Australia, nearly killed him.

Slowhand was released on 25 November 1977 by RSO Records. In a contemporary review for Rolling Stone, John Swenson found Clapton’s playing more subtle than before but his songs sobering and interesting psychologically, especially “Next Time You See Her” wholesale soccer uniforms, as they showed him “in touch with the horrible moral power and long-suffering self-righteousness that is the essence of the blues”. Robert Christgau was less enthusiastic, lamenting how most of the record’s best guitar solos were played by George Terry and feeling Clapton had regressed as a singer, “sounding like he’s blown his voice. Doing what, I wonder.”

In a retrospective review for AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote that the confident, virtuosic quality in the band’s playing and the diversity of the songwriting made Slowhand “rank with 461 Ocean Boulevard as Eric Clapton’s best albums”. Yahoo! Music’s Dave DiMartino said the record was full of hits and “tasteful” music. In 2003, Slowhand was ranked number 325 on Rolling Stone

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