List of cities in West Bengal by population

This is a list of urban agglomerations and cities (those not included in the urban agglomerations), with a population above 100,000 as per the 2011 census in the Indian state of West Bengal:

In the census of India 2011 adolfs meat tenderizer, an urban agglomeration has been defined as follows:

“An urban agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining outgrowths (OGs), or two or more physically contiguous towns together with or without outgrowths of such towns. An Urban Agglomeration must consist of at least a statutory town and its total population (i.e. all the constituents put together) should not be less than 20 sport bottle water,000 as per the 2001 Census. In varying local conditions, there were similar other combinations which have been treated as urban agglomerations satisfying the basic condition of contiguity.”

The constituents of urban agglomerations in West Bengal 32 ounce water bottle with straw, with a population of 1 lakh or above, are noted below:

Urban agglomerations constituents with a population above 100,000 as per the 2011 census are shown in the table below.

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